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Service Aftercare and Removal Instructions 

Face Paint Removal Instructions 

  1. Rub a non-abrasive soap into the design. Use SOAP ONLY, do not add water, let the soap break down the makeup. Make the design muddy.

  2. Take a soft wash cloth to wipe off muddy paint. 

  3. Wash face with soap and water. 

  4. Moisturize 

For DESIGNS WITH GLITTER: Remove glitter 1st with a straw or business card to scrap off majority of glitter. Wash face and follow instruction above. If there is still glitter after you clean your face, let you face dry completely and use a make brush to remove rest of glitter. 

Henna Aftercare Instructions 

  1. Henna takes 30 minutes to dry. Be careful not to smudge it, it will stain smudged!

  2. We recommend to wear paste for a minimum for 2 hours for a decent stain. The longer you wear the paste the longer and darker the stain will be. 

  3. To sleep in overnight- Wrap henna design with a ace bandage, hepafix, paper tape, scarf, etc... DO NOT use anything that causes sweat. 

  4. To remove paste scrap off over a trash can. For paste that is stuck, use a business card to scrap off. 

  5. Avoid water on the stain location for up to 24 hours. Soaking in water will lessen intensity of stain. 

  6. Henna can last up a couple weeks, there is no erasing the stain once saturated in the skin. If you do not like your design you can take more baths and soak your design, exfoliate your skin and wash your hands more often. 

TO ENHANCE YOUR DESIGN: Follow these instructions!! Let the paste sit on your skin for 4-6 hours. AVOID soaking in water,  SHOWERING IS OK, please do this! Keep your skin moisturized!

Glitter Tattoo Removal Instructions 

  1. To remove glitter tattoos, use coconut oil or rubbing alcohol. 

  2. Wash with soap and water and moisturize. 

Water- Resistent Paint Removal Instructions 

  1. Work soap or coconut oil into design, use an exfoliating glove for harder areas to remove. 

  2. For more difficult areas, remove with rubbing alcohol. 

  3. Wash skin and moisturize.

Hair Extension Removal Instructions 

  1. Use pilers to pinch beaded hair extension in the opposite direction to make it into a circle and slide extension out of hair. 

  2. Extensions are reusable!

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