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Butterfly MetaMORPHus Mini Face Paint Palette is an all in one palette that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but is packed full of 150g grams of paint. Combination of rainbow and split cakes. Each of our MetaMORPHus Mini's are hand crafted with lots and lots love by our face paint artists.


MetaMORPHus Mini Face PaintNeed to name Rainbow cake- GTX, Razzle Rainbow Split Cake - GTX, Friends Split Cake - GTX & FAB, Cinderella City Split Cake - GTX & TAG, Clear Creek Split Cake- GTX, TAG, Kryvaline, Jazzy Split Cake- GTX & TAG, Moutain Lion Split Cake - GTX

Butterfly MetaMORPHus Mini Face Paint Palette

SKU: Butterfly Mini Morph
  • Our split cakes are made out of the highest quality of face paint brands including GTX Cowgirl Face Paint, TAG, FAB. Global and more. Lot of love and time is put into each of our products as we custom make each cake by hand with our favorite colors, creating custom blends for all of our favorite designs. .

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